Boris Johnson Vows to ‘Give Britain Its Mojo Back’

BORIS Johnson has today vowed to “give Britain its mojo back” so we can “stand tall” as his whirlwind first 100 days in office began.

Speaking in Tony Blair’s old constituency – seized from Labour in the election as the Tories smashed through the ‘Red Wall’ in the North – the Prime Minister said he would take the country on a “wonderful adventure”.

Boris is on a victory lap of the North today as he thanked voters in Labour’s heartland who turned staunch red seats blue – many for the first time in their history.

Speaking in Sedgefield – one of the 27 to succumb to the blue wave – Mr Johnson jubilantly ticked off the constituencies the Tories had won over.

The significance of the Tory leader standing in Blair’s old seat after presiding over a majority not seen since New Labour will resound with shockwaves across the country.

“We are going to recover our national self confidence – our mojo,” he told supporters at the town’s cricket club.

“It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful time for the country. Our country will stand tall in the world.”

The Prime Minister secured a sweeping 80-seat majority on Thursday – meaning the UK is now on track to leave the EU in less than two months.

Today Mr Johnson promised to deliver his slogan to “get Brexit done” – and also pledged “better infrastructure, better education and fantastic modern technology”.

“We’ve embarked on a wonderful adventure,” he said. “We’re going to do things differently and better.”

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SOURCE: The Sun, Phoebe Cooke