Bibles for China Discusses Plans for 2020

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Bibles for China has big plans for 2020. They want to see God’s Word go out faster and farther across China.

For one, Wendell Rovenstine will be stepping down as president and making way for Kurt Rovenstine to take the helm.

As the new president, Kurt Rovenstine will travel to China with another staff member twice next year to sit down with provincial church leaders –both old and new – and talk about their needs.

Wendell Rovenstine says, “We will be able to make connections with them to provide funds for Bibles, provide funds for Crossway Study Bibles, provide funds for commentaries, and provide funds for the Gospel of John.

“We receive reports and receive photos and stories from all of those projects. It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm on the face of the people when they get a study Bible, and those are young leaders!”

With each new year, Chinese churches and their leaders face growing challenges. Churches continue to be shut down, demolished, and pressured to tow the Communist Party line.

Rovenstine says, “This past year, we lost a real dear brother that took his life because of the pressure — and this is a wonderful Christian brother that I’ve been with many times. He was just pushed so hard by the United Front that he wrote a note to his wife and took his life because he didn’t want to suffer the consequences of what was taking place.

“In his note, he said that he hoped that his taking his life would bring attention to the world and to the people within China the cost that it is to serve Christ.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh