Arkansas Police Officer Was ‘Executed’ as He Sat in His Patrol Car Outside Police HQ by Man Who Shot Him 10 Times in the Head After ‘Looking for Officer to Kill’

Horror security camera footage shows the moment an Arkansas police officer was killed in his patrol car by a gunman who shot him ten times in the head.

Officer Stephen Carr was killed in the back parking lot of police headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at 9.42pm on December 7, while he was sitting in the front driver seat of his police vehicle.

Authorities said London Philips, 35, approached Carr’s vehicle and shot him at point-blank range. Two other officers later shot and killed Phillips.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office released video footage from the scene and autopsy details on Friday.

It was also revealed that the killer followed anti-law enforcement groups on his social media accounts.

An official statement posted on Facebook didn’t identify the groups nor his level of interaction with them.

Police have said Phillips was ‘looking for an officer to kill’ when he shot Carr.

Officials posted five videos from the incident Friday.

One of the videos shows Phillips approaching Carr’s patrol vehicle from behind. It later shows him firing shots at the vehicle as he walks away and reloads his gun.

The additional videos showed Phillips walking down the sidewalk prior to the shooting; officers exiting the police department’s door following the shooting with their guns drawn; Phillips going into an alleyway between the police department and the district court building, and officers searching for Phillips before ‘engaging’ him in the alleyway.

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Source: Daily Mail