AMG International Uses Media to Spread the Gospel in Restrictive Turkey

Last week’s NATO meetings left Turkey out in the cold. Turkey’s Defense Minister told reporters, “We were left alone in the fight against terror.” His comments came after NATO allies refused to designate Syrian Kurds as terrorists, previously a sticking point for Turkey’s cooperation.

Growing Tensions

Tensions between Turkey and its NATO allies have been simmering since October. According to AMG International’s Tasos Ioannidis*, conflict with the West is one reason behind Turkey’s growing ‘Islamization.’

“For many years he was trying to come closer to the European Union and because not enough progress has been made… The Turks have kind of become disenchanted with the Europeans, and that has also contributed to the dislike for the Western people and for European people,” Ioannidis says.

On top of growing frustrations with the European Union, Turkey has acted as a funnel for fleeing refugees in the region. The country has over 3.5 million refugees within its borders.

Turkey has tried to force the hand of the European Union with threats of allowing refugees to secure trips to Europe if the European Union does not provide Turkey’s monetary requests. Without a doubt, this puts a strain on relationships.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn