Relentless Church Staffer Says He Quit and Filed Police Report After He Was Verbally Assaulted by Church Leaders When He Asked John Gray for ‘the Truth’ About Eviction Notice

Pastor John Gray (L), Jacob Johnson (R). | Photos: Instagram/John Gray; WYFF4 Screenshot

Jacob Johnson was allegedly left so rattled by the response he got when he asked if the church was being evicted during an intense staff meeting with Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, he later quit and ran to the police.

Johnson, who was the director of The Imagine Center, the gym at Relentless Church, told WYFF 4 News Wednesday that after Gray’s lawyers responded to a 30-day notice of termination of a non-residential lease from the owners of the building that houses the megachurch, he and other staffers met with Gray for a meeting two Thursdays ago.

In that meeting, Johnson said he pressed Gray for the truth about the church’s status.

“Do we know the truth of this situation? And I said, “‘Are you pulling the wool over our eyes?’” Johnson said he asked Gray.

And that’s when things got ugly fast.

“The room shifted. It shifted tremendously to a sense where I no longer felt like I was at church. I no longer felt like I was safe. And I was really concerned about some of the leaders that jumped up and rushed at me as well as security that verbally assaulted me,” he continued.

Johnson explained that he didn’t mean to offend anyone by his question but just wanted to know the truth.

“Note that it’s hard to stand up to somebody that you’ve looked up to, someone that you’ve looked for guidance for. Someone to feed you. It’s very hard to stand up against a man of God … as a young man who my beliefs are very strong,” he said.

Local police confirmed with the outlet that Johnson filed a report about what happened at the meeting but there wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge anyone.

It was also reported by WYFF 4 News that other staffers had also quit since the church’s lease became an issue.

Holly Baird, Gray’s publicist, did not immediately respond to questions from The Christian Post on Friday about Johnson’s allegations or the termination notice. However, she told WYFF 4 News that “they (Relentless) were served a termination of lease based on a verbal agreement.”

A source also told CP that Relentless Church has video which allegedly disputes Johnson’s narrative about the meeting. He was allegedly verbally abusive and charged at Gray, prompting his security and others to protect him.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair