Judge Removed from James Younger Case After She Shared Facebook Post

James Younger with his father, Jeffrey Younger. | Screenshot: YouTube

The Texas judge who rejected a jury’s decision granting conservatorship to a mother intent on medically gender-transitioning her 7-year-old boy into a girl and instead awarded joint conservatorship to both parents has been removed from the case. 

A regional administrative judge, a conservative Republican, will soon be appointing a new judge to oversee the ongoing dispute.

In late October, Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district ruled that parents Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas would share conservatorship and have equal decision-making regarding the medical and psychological treatment of the boy, and Jude, his twin brother.

Georgulas believes James is a transgender girl and is already socially transitioning him, calling him “Luna,” and plans to pursue hormonal interventions like puberty blockers in the next six months to a year.

Two days prior to Cooks’ ruling, however, a jury had awarded Georgulas sole conservatorship in an 11-1 decision that elicited a massive public outcry, heightened media scrutiny, an investigation from Governor Greg Abbott, and promises from state lawmakers to outlaw the medical transitioning of minors during the next legislative session.

Georgulas’ attorneys filed to have Cooks recused from the case because of a Facebook post the judge shared on her personal page, a Dallas Morning News article about her ruling where she added a statement of her own, neither “[the] Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision.”

Georgulas’ attorneys maintained that by Cooks commenting on the case her impartiality had been compromised, and that “nothing the judge posted was in the best interest of the children in the case or to advance justice, but to simply advance her own political aims,” according to The Texan last week.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter