John Stonestreet on What Would You Say About Abortion and Rape?


Discussions about any controversial topic can be dangerous these days. It’s almost certain someone is going to get upset and maybe lose their cool. It could even end a relationship.

The easiest thing to do is avoid tough conversations altogether. Not every argument or arguer is worthy of our engagement.

But issues and people are worthy of the truth. The stakes are simply too high. C.S. Lewis once said that good philosophy is needed if for no other reason than bad philosophy exists. And I’d add, good answers are needed in our culture if for no other reason than bad answers exist. And there are some topics that must be approached only with truth and love—together.

For instance: “Is abortion justified in the case of rape? Should a rape victim be forced to carry a baby to term?”

We tackle this question in our latest “What Would You Say?” video, a series designed to help you answer our culture’s toughest questions in an understandable, trustworthy, and memorable way.

On this question, we must never forget just how heinous and evil rape is. It may be that our questioner is a victim, and if so, our words alone won’t be enough. It’s a tragic feature of the current abortion debate that pro-abortion advocates so often want to use rape victims in order to advance their cause. That’s something that you and I cannot tolerate, and we should never be guilty of.

Not only should rape victims not be used to advance the cause, they must not be ignored either. And this is exactly where the Church must come in: tending to victims’ emotional, spiritual, medical, family, and financial needs as they bring their babies to term.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Stonestreet