Samuel Rodriguez, Jentezen Franklin, Nigerian President Buhari Praise Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s “Legendary Contributions to the Body of Christ”

Reinhard Bonnke (Facebook/Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Official Page)

Renowned Pentecostal evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, founder of Christ for All Nations, died Saturday, Dec. 7. Since his death, several prominent pastors and governmental leaders have spoken up about the impact he made on this earth for Christ.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference:

“Reinhard Bonnke, an evangelist in the truest since of the word, proclaimed the gospel with passion, lived his life with integrity and changed the world with truth and love. He preached Jesus and millions responded. Well done my friend. Well done!”

Jentezen Franklin, pastor of Free Chapel:

“Few people have made the lifetime commitment to the message of the Gospel that Reinhard Bonke made. He was a role model worldwide for his unwavering belief in the supernatural and miraculous power that we have through the Holy Spirit. With every fiber of his being, Reinhard knew God loved each and every one of his children and he desperately wanted everyone to understand the depths of that love. I pray that every Christian lives with the same authenticity and passion that he did every day on this earth. My prayers are with the Bonnke family today. May a life well-lived and a certain destiny give them peace and comfort.”

Rev. Johnnie Moore, president of the Congress of Christian Leaders:

“Reinhard Bonnke had few peers in all of Christian history. He was another giant of what I’ve come to call ‘the great evangelical century’ where a generation of pastors, missionaries and evangelists took personal responsibility for taking the Gospel to -literally- every corner of the globe. They wouldn’t rest until they had ‘reached the world in their generation’ and they succeeded in reaching more people in more places than anytime in Christian history, except for the first generations after Christ. No one pursued that passion with greater resolve, and almost no one inspired more to follow in his footsteps. He leaves a legacy of countless millions of Christians who breathe every breathe to reach every soul for the Glory of God in their generation.”

The official Twitter account for the Nigerian presidency also released a statement praising Bonnke’s legacy:

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SOURCE: Charisma News