Atlanta Journal-Constitution Slams Clint Eastwood for Reportedly Sexist Depiction of Female Journalist, ‘Recklessly’ Showing her Trading Sex for Tips From an FBI Agent in New Film “Richard Jewell”

The film tells the story of the real life security guard who was wrongfully treated as a suspect after finding a bag of explosives at the 1996 Olympics and saving thousands of people’s lives. Among the characters is Kathy Scruggs, a journalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution who died in 2001. Scruggs was the reporter who was the first to publish that the FBI was treating Jewell as a suspect and not a hero. In the movie, she is played by Olivia Wilde and is portrayed as trying to sleep with an FBI agent played by Jon Hamm in exchange for information about the bombing. The AJC has taken offense to the characterization of her and say it suggests she slept with agents to get information from them.

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SOURCE: Mail Online