More Than 7 Million Jobs Created Since Trump Won Election

This past week, the administration announced that unemployment has fallen to 3.5 percent—the lowest since 1969—after a November jobs surge of 266,000 jobs created last month, numbers that blew away expectations.

“Boom! These jobs numbers are absolutely incredible and breathtaking in the number of jobs being created and as you point out the historically low unemployment rate across the board,” Crowley said in reaction to these statistics in an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel this weekend. “What it shows is President Trump’s economic freedom agenda is working, literally working, as a record number of Americans are in the workforce and unemployment is at a 50-year low. Unemployment among key groups—African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women—are at or near all-time lows. The jobs being created, unlike previous years under previous presidents, many of these jobs are career-track jobs. When the opponents of the president claim these aren’t real jobs, or they’re temporary jobs or they’re go-nowhere jobs, that is fundamentally untrue. What we saw in the November jobs report is 266,000 jobs created smashing every expectation that we saw, and the previous two jobs numbers from October and September—those jobs numbers were revised up.”

What’s more, Crowley noted, is that since Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in November 2016, the U.S. economy has created more than 7 million new jobs—greater than last year’s population of the entire state of Massachusetts—and millions more than the experts expected.

“Since the president’s election in November 2016, the economy has added more than 7 million jobs,” Crowley said. “This is more than the entire population of Massachusetts last year. It’s also 5.1 million more jobs than the Congressional Budget Office, CBO, projected in its final forecast before the 2016 election. What it shows is common sense economic policies based on freedom work. Tax cuts, deregulation, unleashing the energy sector, and trying to realign international trade—all of which this president promised during the campaign, all of which he has delivered. That, in turn, is delivering us this incredible economy.”

Perhaps more importantly than the job growth and historic lows in unemployment is that in November wages rose by 3.1 percent over the last 12 months as well. That means Americans not only have better prospects of finding employment when they want to, but they’re taking home more money when they do find that job. What’s more, among working class and blue collar workers, wages rose at 3.7 percent—higher than the average worker—which means Trump’s economy is helping the very people he set out to help when he launched his 2016 presidential campaign by pledging to stand up for American workers and families left behind by the nation’s elites.

“That’s a critical point and it dovetails with my earlier point about not only can people get jobs, but anybody who wants to work in America can now find a job—and it’s now more likely that you will be on an upward trajectory and will be making more money in that job,” Crowley said. “Then you are also better positioned to have an even better job with even greater pay—3.1 percent year over year wage growth in the private sector. In October, it marked the 16th consecutive month that wage growth has been at or above 3 percent. That’s astonishing. There’s another really important data point, and that is that for essentially blue collar workers—non-supervisory and production workers—their wages grew at a faster clip and a greater pace than the average worker. Theirs grew at 3.7 percent year over year. That’s a post-recession high, and we’re calling it a blue collar boom.”

Crowley laid out during her interview on Breitbart News Saturday how President Trump’s policies are the reason why this economy is booming. She explained there are four “core pillars” to Trump’s economic vision, all of which he is responsible for implementing: tax cuts, deregulation, energy production expansion, and a realignment in international trade.

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Source: Breitbart