Kanye West Says the Devil is Causing Division Between White and Black Artists in Christian Music Community

Kanye West said God has given him a platform to address the “beef” he’s seeing in the Christian community, specifically Christian radio stations not playing both gospel and contemporary Christian music — including songs from his album — which has created a division between white and black artists. 

West briefly spoke about the issue during a Sunday Service event at Greater Emmanuel Temple Church in Lynwood, California, on Sunday and seemed to suggest that programming formats that mostly play one genre of music over the other instead of both reflects poorly on the American church and creates rifts in the body of Christ.

“In service to God I got to address this, all this Christian beef that I be seeing. White gospel, black gospel. Do you know the Gospel? Are you really preaching?” West asked in a video from the event.

“Look, Jesus died for our sins! It’s simple. If you believe that, that’s it,” he maintained. “That’s the devil causing these divides even in the Christian community.”

West’s music has been embraced by some gospel radio stations but is not being played on major contemporary Christian stations.

“God is about togetherness, about us being together in service to Him, and everything we do is in service to Him,” he said, condemning the racial divide in radio.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law