Joe Biden Loses his Cool Again: Irate Former VP Defends Calling an Elderly Iowa Voter a ‘Damn Liar’ After Being Told he Sent his Son to Work in Ukraine, Wags his Finger and Tells Reporter ‘Don’t Compare Me to Trump’

The Democrat wagged his finger at NPR reporter Rachel Martin after she questioned his reaction to 83-year-old veteran Merle Gorman on last Thursday. ‘He’s lying! He’s lying. You acknowledge what he said wasn’t even true’, he says. Gorman accused Biden of selling access to the Presidency by sending son Hunter to Ukraine to work for gas company Burisma Holdings. The comment caused Biden to blow up in rage, labeling Gorman as ‘a damn liar’. Biden told NPR his push-up and IQ test challenge to Gorman was ‘a joke’.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail