China Partner Celebrates 30 Years of Ministry

This November marked 30 years of ministry for China Partner. That means for three decades, their ministry has equipped local Church leaders to better serve the local body of believers.

To celebrate the occasion, China Partner hosted an anniversary banquet in Florida. But it’s not just about 30 years of China Partner, President Erik Burklin says; it’s about 30 years of trusting God. “We don’t want to just celebrate 30 years of China Partner, but we want to celebrate 30 years of God’s faithfulness and His work in China,” Burklin says.

Erik Burklin may be the current President of China Partner, but he’s part of a longer legacy. His father founded China Partner 30 years ago, and his grandparents spent much of their lives as missionaries in China in some of the same places China Partner still serves.

“For me as his son, and as a grandson of my grandparents, it was a great honor to celebrate 30 years of God’s faithfulness,” he says.

With so many generations of ministry, the Burklin family has seen the Chinese context change in drastic ways, “but what is constant is the word of God. What is constant is the love of God. What is constant is that Jesus Christ is still on the throne, no matter what happens.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt