New Subscription-Based Christian Streaming Platform Minno Offers Parents a Faith-based Alternative to Disney+

Minno – Where faith comes to life in stories kids love and values parents trust. |

The Nashville-based children’s digital media company Minno is now offering parents searching for classic faith-based entertainment an alternative to Disney+. 

The subscription-based digital platform features the largest collection of classic Christian content including “Veggie Tales,” “3-2-1 Penguins,” and “Owlegories.” The ad-free service also includes a collection of children’s books and a parenting blog with expert resources and voices for Christian parents.

Minno curated content with the goal of reaching 100 million church-attending Americans.

“Christian parents have different wants and needs in the marketplace, ‘family-friendly’ or ‘clean’ is not enough. They want content that affirms the values they care about. The fact is, 93%​ of younger parents feel ill-equipped to do anything about the spiritual development of their children. We created this platform as a solution specifically for them,” former Amazon marketing professional and CEO of Minno, Erick Goss, told The Christian Post.

“Minno is a long-term partner, coming alongside you to bless your kids and help you navigate the digital culture with them,” he stressed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law