Pennsylvania Church and Funeral Home Come Together to Hold ‘Blue Christmas’ Service for Those Suffering or Dealing With Loss of a Loved One

A Pennsylvania congregation and a local funeral home came together to hold a “Blue Christmas” service for those who are suffering or coping with the loss of a loved one this holiday season.

First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster and DeBord Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory came together to hold the Blue Christmas service on Sunday afternoon.

Laura Sambrick, director of pastoral care at First Presbyterian, told The Christian Post that her church and the funeral home had previously held separate Blue Christmas services.

“First Presbyterian has provided a Blue Christmas service for over 10 years, Sambrick said. “DeBord Snyder Funeral Home was providing a similar service at their location right across the street. Last year they outgrew their space and held their service in our building.

“It only made sense to combine our services since there is already a close working relationship between the funeral home and the church. By combining efforts on Blue Christmas we hoped to reach more people, extending our circle of care.”

Sambrick noted that the funeral home staff were involved “in all aspects of the service” and brought a “gift of hospitality” especially in “how to provide comfort in a time of crisis.”

“Many attendees received a personal invite [to the Blue Christmas] from DeBord Snyder Funeral Home, having used their service over the past year following the death of a loved one,” Sambrick added.

“DeBord Snyder read the names of those who died that year and presented the family with a personalized Christmas ornament.”

Around 70 people attended the event despite freezing rain falling earlier that day. According to Sambrick, few people came alone, but rather showed up with loved ones.

For the service, First Presbyterian included a candle-lit setting with music, readings from the Bible, and poetry. Attendees were encouraged to bring a memento representing their grief.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski