New Opportunities Open for Algerian Christians Despite Church Closings

Hundreds of Algerians marched in the capital city last night to oppose upcoming elections, Reuters reports.

Though 2019 began as a year of new opportunity for Algerian believers, it now draws to a disappointing end. William Stark, regional manager of International Christian Concern (ICC), recently told Gatestone Institute that authorities have closed 12 churches in Algeria since the beginning of 2019. Read our coverage here.

Yet, hope remains. Members of the Full Gospel Church of Tizi Ouzou (EPPETO), a SAT-7 partner, published a series of posts on social media showing their new “outdoor services.”

Church doors may be closed and locked, but it’s not stopping believers from worshipping on the staircase.

SAT-7 is a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. Its U.S. President, Rex Rogers, recently met with Algerian believers. “A couple of those Algerians were actually in Egypt when I was there two weeks ago and gave a report on this [persecution],” Rogers says.

“Obviously, they’re not happy with their church closed… but, they were able to share their faith with police, they were able to experience God’s protection and goodness throughout this.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth