London Bridge Heroes Who Risked Their Lives to Tackle Armed Terrorist

Amid the horrors of yesterday’s London Bridge terror attack, a group of heroes triumphed over hate as they risked their lived to bring down armed terrorist Usman Khan.

Khan’s rampage left two people dead and three injured before he was dragged to the ground by members of the public outside Fishmongers’ Hall.

Those who rushed to disarm the 28-year-old attacker revealed how they kicked him to the floor while others grabbed make-shift weapons.

One man was seeing carrying a 5ft narwhal tusk as the group tackled the terrorist

The unnamed hero took the tusk from the wall inside the Grade II-listed building which is close to London Bridge.

He can be seen in footage from the bridge using the tusk from the sea creature as a kind-of walking stick.

Another hero, Thomas Gray said he stamped on the terrorist’s wrist to try and make him release the knife.

Mr Gray, 24, said: “I was brought up on rugby and the rule is ‘one in, all in’. I did what any Londoner would do and tried to put a stop to it.”

At the time of the attack, he had been driving northbound on London Bridge with his colleague Stevie, when they saw several people running towards the south of the bridge.

They immediately turned the car off and ran towards the attacker, who had been “wrestled” to the floor by “five or six other blokes”.

Mr Gray said: “He had two knives on him, one in each hand, and it looked like they were taped to his hand”.

“I stamped on his left wrist while someone else smacked his hand on the ground and kicked one of the knives away.

“I went to pick up the knife when I heard a cop say ‘he has got a bomb’.

“I turned and ran and then heard a volley of shots from behind us.”

Another hero at the scene, Stevie Hurst, 32,, stopped his Mini Cooper on London Bridge and walked toward the attacker.

The 32-year-old was driving a car for an Italian Job-inspired Mini Cooper tour of the capital when he stopped the engine on the river crossing and started his advance towards the suspect.

He told BBC 5 Live: “I felt compelled to jump out of the car and go and see what the situation was.

“We saw a guy being accosted to the floor. I obviously ran over there to investigate what was going on.

“The guys were just screaming he had stabbed a couple of women, I’m guessing from the bar, the fishmongers’ bar?

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Source: Mirror