Karen Farris on Small Beginnings on Small Business Saturday

Zechariah, the Bible prophet said, “Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Our business had small beginnings 35 years ago and now we’re seeing small beginnings once again…

For my entrepreneurial son Tommy, it began as a seed planted in the soil of a college project. Then he graduated, paid his dues as an accountant and financial analyst in the big city business world, and when he felt it was time, he approached the perilous cliff of starting a business and leaped.

He’d tell you it was the hardest jump—cringe worthy and desperate at times, but the best leap of faith he’s ever taken. Ask people who own their own businesses, why they do it—somewhere in their answer will be the passionate pursuit of their plans.

I have a great respect for the hard-working Americans in corporate businesses and those serving in government. But statistics reveal that small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Karen Farris