The Real Story of the Pilgrims of Plymouth and Their Godly American Heritage

Most kids in public schools are no longer being taught what a rich godly heritage this nation has. God and prayer have been thrown out of their schools and with it the knowledge that early settlers made covenant with God and this allied the country with Him.

Much of this early heritage started with the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. These fervent religious believers were about so much more than turkeys, big belt buckles and a Thanksgiving feast. But what made the Pilgrims’ toehold in the New World so special and so miraculous has mostly been stripped away from today’s public school students.

On a recent trip down the East Coast, a group of pastors, interns, and students from Victory Faith Church in Spokane, Washington came to reclaim that lost education for themselves and their children.

Or as Pastor Trevor Seaman put it, “Getting all of this information, revelation and the heart of God into the next generation.”

Victory Faith’s Senior Pastor Craig Lotze said of today’s young people, “Most of them, if they’ve been through public school and even a lot in Christian schools, they don’t know their history as far as how our nation was founded.”

Like that Pilgrims didn’t just come here to escape religious persecution, but to set up a new type of government.

In an age of absolute monarchs who ruled like God, the Pilgrims believed the radical idea that the real God made all humans equal, so no one of them should rule over all the others. Any leaders should be elected by the community and should be servants of the people, not lords over them.

“They didn’t think there should be this one man that was God over all the people,” said MeKenna Phillips, a member of Victory Faith’s School of Leadership.

“We’re all created in the image of God and therefore no one is above, no one is below,” is how the church’s Youth Ministries Director Trebor Angerman put it.

Only One King Was Acceptable: King Jesus

But Pilgrim re-enactor Leo Martin of Plymouth’s faith-based Jenney Museum told CBN News this didn’t mean the Pilgrims weren’t in submission to authority.

“They had another king…a heavenly king…King Jesus, and that’s who they followed,” he explained.

Martin showed the Victory Faith folks around Plymouth on their recent trip there, and discussed what most modern students aren’t learning about their country.

“What you are not learning is that we are a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles,” Martin said inside his Jenney Museum. “And we tell that story. We don’t tell it just because I’m a Christian. We tell it because it’s a fact.”

Some today are taught Pilgrims were stern control-freaks, clamping their religion down on everyone. The truth, though, is they knew God as the God of Liberty, who wanted men free in Christ.

Pastor Monie Lotze said of that truth, “That actually liberates and brings incredible freedom.”

Her husband Craig added, “You could see that that liberty from the Bible caused them to live full lives, vibrant lives.”

You Don’t Need Outside Control if You Have Self-Control

But the Pilgrims also understood the only way to stay free was by self-governing, each person following the moral code and virtues laid out in the Bible.

“We can only have that liberty if we have that self-government,” said Phillips.

Angerman added, “If we don’t rule ourselves, somebody’s going to rule over us.”

Because people without those morals and virtues need a powerful government to control them to prevent anarchy and lawless chaos breaking out.

Martin explained the Founding Fathers knew this truth well as they formed a national government after the Revolutionary War.

He recalled, “John Adams said the Constitution was written for a moral and religious person. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of anybody else.”

That’s why almost all early education was about the guidance and eternal truths in the Bible.

“We weren’t built on secular humanism. We were built on the foundation of God’s principles and truth,” Seaman insisted. “If we’re built on the Bible, which I believe is objective truth, then it’s truth that doesn’t change. It’s the truth that doesn’t shift. It’s the solid rock.”

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Source: CBN