Here We Go: Woman Who Regrets Becoming a Transgender Male Almost 20 Years Ago Says Medical Professionals Should Not Have Helped Her to Transition – and Claims Lots of Other Transgender People Are Hiding Their Regrets

A woman who says a sex change from female to male 17 years ago was her ‘greatest mistake’ claims medical professionals should have spotted that she was not really transgender, and that she was seeking surgery for the wrong reasons.

Debbie Karemer, 61, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, struggled with her sexual identity for years and asked for gender reassignment aged 44, before living as a man for 17 years.

But after years of counselling she finally realised she wasn’t transgender and is now living as a woman again, while awaiting surgery to reverse the reassignment.

Debbie now believes that rather than being transgender, she was in fact suffering with complex PTSD as a result of sexual abuse.

She currently feels like a woman ‘trapped in an approximation of a male body’, and claims that other transgender people she knows regret their surgery, but are not brave enough to be honest about it.

Debbie said she was sexually abused by her estranged father – now deceased – when she was a teenager.

She struggled with her sexual identity for years, even developing objectum sexuality – sexual attraction to objects like a white Fender Stratocaster and a fishing rod.

She said: ‘Looking back it was just a way of coping with the trauma.’

Debbie then married her one and only long-term friend Alan in December 1997.

The self loathing became so extreme she almost cut off her breasts with a pair of kitchen scissors.

She first heard of transgender and gender reassignment surgery in 2002 while watching an episode of chat show programme Kilroy.

She said: ‘The programme was introduced as a “special” where transgender men and women were on.

‘At the time it was a state of mind no body really spoke about. I remember seeing them on the TV and thinking, “That’s me”.’

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Source: Daily Mail