Footage Shows Moment Bystanders Armed With a Fire Extinguisher and a Narwhal Tusk Chase Knife-wielding Terrorist Across London Bridge Before He is Sprayed With Jets of Water and Grappled to the Ground

This is the moment that a brave bystander used a fire extinguisher to tackle a knifeman wielding two weapons on London Bridge this afternoon.

Two people were killed today and up to twelve were injured after the maniac pulled the knives on innocent people on the north side of London Bridge just before 2pm.

Video footage showed the attacker running across London Bridge clutching the weapons as a fearless member of the public trailed him.

The white-haired man then confronted the terrorist who turned to him, holding up the two knives, before being cornered by the group of civilians chasing after him.

Another man is also seen holding what is believed to be the tusk of a Narwhal whale, which he also jabs in the direction of the attacker.

The man who was chasing the black-capped killer over the bridge then unleashed a powerful spray of water on him from the fire extinguisher.

The terrorist was then bundled to the ground as other people waded in, while another man hurried away with his knife.

Another man was also seen pointing a large stick at the terrorist.

One witness at the scene said the stick had in fact been a Narwhal whale tusk and that the man had taken it from Fishmongers’ Hall and ran out with it after learning of the incident.

The attacker, who has not yet been identified by police was thought to have had one of the two knives strapped to his arm and had also been wearing a fake explosives device, which was strapped around his waist.

It is believed he was a convicted terrorist who had served time in prison and was wearing an electronic tag, according to The Times newspaper. The paper added he was attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation being held at Fishmongers’ Hall and ‘threatened to blow up’ the building.

Speaking to MailOnline, one witness said more shots had been fired after the terrorist was shot.

Deborah Simmons had been attending a hospital appointment with her mother and had been on the first bus on the bridge, heading towards Liverpool Street.

Deborah, who is in her 50s said she saw the man being shot and was then ushered off the bus towards The Shard.

‘We all thought we were going to die, there were people with children running’.

She added that once her and her mother had reached the south of the bridge she heard around 10-15 shots. She also said that one man had ran up to her and her mother, claiming ‘someone had a shooter’.

The Met police were unable to clarify whether or not extra shots had been fired.

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Source: Daily Mail