Michael Brown on Are the Impeachment Hearings ‘Demonic’?

(Facebook/Donald J. Trump)

In a recent interview with Eric Metaxas, Rev. Franklin Graham stated that the constant attempts to undermine President Trump were “almost a demonic power,” concurring with Metaxas that “it is a spiritual battle.” Is Rev. Graham right, in which case the impeachment hearings would be the latest manifestation of this “demonic power”?

As expected, the media has responded scornfully to this suggestion.

Washington Post headline asks, “Who but a demon could impeach God’s chosen one?”

The article, by Dana Milbank, rightly notes that “if politics is a spiritual battle between God and demons from hell, who cares what statistics from the Commerce Department say—or what any of the impeachment witnesses say?”

Milbank continues, “On Fox News on Sunday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry reported that he told Trump he was God’s choice: ‘I said, “Mr. President, I know there are people that say you said you were the chosen one and I said, “You were.”‘”

This led to Milbank’s question, “Who but a demon could vote to impeach God’s chosen one?”

Over at the Atlantic, the headline to the article by Peter Wehner asked, “Are Trump’s Critics Demonically Possessed? Two of the president’s prominent evangelical supporters are literally demonizing his opponents.”

As Wehner writes, “It isn’t enough for Franklin Graham and Eric Metaxas, two prominent figures within the American evangelical movement, to lavish praise on President Donald Trump. They have now decided they must try to demonize his critics.


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SOURCE: Charisma News