David Jeremiah on We’ve Been Given So Much, Let’s Not Forget the One Who Blessed Us

We have so much to be thankful for.

Many people will say that around this time of year. But I’ve been wondering recently, are we also taking time to be thankful for the One who’s given us so much? And are we taking the time to serve Him? I’ve also wondered if we — myself included — have grown too dependent on the “so much” we’ve been given.

Let me be clear, it’s not my intention to burden us with guilt, but to challenge us with a different perspective this season.

Do you remember the man in Jesus’ parable who discovered a treasure in a field? He sold everything he had and bought the field in order to gain the treasure (Matthew 13:44).

We need to learn how to think like that man, to divest ourselves of what is less valuable — activities, burdens, things — in order to gain what is priceless.

Consider the initial pilgrim settlers who loaded their bare necessities onto tiny sailing ships to reach the New World of America. It was tight quarters on the Mayflower. Those looking for a better life still had to leave almost everything behind. And despite the intense journey, arriving with not much more than the clothes on their backs and even losing family members and friends to illness along the way, they still took time to give thanks.

Also consider the next greatest movement of people, the “Westward Ho!” settlers who filled wagon trains in the nineteenth-century migration from Middle America to the West Coast. A two-thousand mile, six-month wagon train trip from Missouri to California cost about $2,000 in the 1840s, which is more than $58,000 in today’s currency. Where would the average family of very modest means get that kind of money? By divesting themselves of things that were not as important to them as the goal of reaching their destination.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David Jeremiah