WATCH: On Eric Metaxas’ Radio Show Franklin Graham Calls It ‘Almost Demonic’ to Oppose Trump

Eric Metaxas and Franklin Graham described criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump as demonic behavior during a recent interview. Graham spoke to Metaxas on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show about a number of topics, including Operation Christmas Child, Chick-fil-A’s recent controversy and even Johnny Cash.

Fourteen minutes into the interview, Metaxas opines regarding politics, “It’s a very bizarre situation to be living in a country where some people seem to exist to undermine the president of the United States. It’s just a bizarre time for most Americans.”

“It’s almost a demonic power that is trying—,” Graham says.

“I would disagree,” Metaxas interrupts. “It’s not ‘almost’ demonic. You and I know that at the heart it’s a spiritual battle.”

SOURCE: Charisma News