How a Doodle on an IHOP Napkin Turned Into the CSB Seven Arrows Bible

Songwriters sometimes jot down lyrics on restaurant napkins. One South Carolina pastor had a similar idea as he doodled his way to disciple-making after answering a young believer’s questions about the book of Romans over breakfast. Pastor Matt Rogers came up with the “Seven Arrows” study method on an IHOP napkin.

After meeting with Garrett, who was in his 20s, Rogers could see that as someone new to the faith, Garrett was “confusing himself” and that he needed a way to “ask good questions of the biblical text.” Rogers came up with a “sticky tool” that was memorable to help believers accurately understand the Scriptures and how the passage applied to them personally, in their horizontal relationships with others and in their vertical relationship with God.

This simple study method took the mystery out of Bible study and led to the creation of the CSB Seven Arrows Bible ( and book Seven Arrows: Aiming Bible Readers in the Right Direction, with his co-author and editor, Donny Matthis.

Some of the seven questions are: What does this passage say? What does this passage demand of me? How does this passage change the way I relate to people? How does this passage prompt me to pray to God?

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SOURCE: Charisma News