Heart4Iran Broadcasts the Message of Christ’s Love to Distressed Iranian Protesters

Protests are cropping up in multiple countries these days: Hong Kong, Haiti, Iraq, and Lebanon, to name a few. Read our coverage here.

“People across many countries are expressing their anger against politicians and their leaders by taking their cause to the streets. Sadly, some of them put their lives on the line – hoping their demise would spring life into a new season of change,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari observes.

“In Iran’s case, we are dealing with average ordinary people who are angry at the economic elites and Islamic rulers of the country.”

Iranian authorities warned of crackdowns following widespread demonstrations this weekend. “The recent riots are not isolated but…are a continuance of December 2017 protests,” Ansari says.

“People in 2017 were also chanting the same slogans they are chanting today: ‘stop sending our money to Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria and Yemen…we have no food or oil’.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth