#GivingTuesday Dec. 3: Help Deaf Bible Society Raise $28,000 to Train Deaf Leaders in Scripture Engagement

As a global people group, the Deaf have been forgotten and overlooked by believers for thousands of years. Finally, the U.S. Church is becoming more aware of the global Deaf community and their need for sign language Scripture.

Last year on #GivingTuesday, Deaf Bible Society raised nearly $2,800 to fund Scripture engagement training in Uganda and the surrounding region. “We saw such a generous outpouring,” says Deaf Bible Society’s Chantel Pagan.

“[It] was just so encouraging to us that this year, we said ‘what more can we put in front of the giving community?’ What are the remaining languages that just haven’t received that much notice?”

This year, Deaf Bible Society is “upping the ante” on #GivingTuesday. Pagan says the group wants to raise $28,000 dollars to train Deaf leaders worldwide in Scripture engagement.

Why do the Deaf need Scripture engagement training?

There’s a critical need for sign language Scripture; less than 50 of the world’s 400+ sign languages have any portions of God’s Word. No sign languages have a complete Bible, and only American Sign Language has a complete New Testament.

Providing sign language Scripture is a great first step, but ministry efforts cannot stop there. Deaf Bible Society identified two additional necessities during “the last five years of… intense survey and research with [Deaf] communities around the world,” Pagan says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth