Attacks on Christians in India Increase

Women attend a mass inside a church to celebrate Easter in Chennai March 31, 2013. Holy Week is celebrated in many Christian traditions during the week before Easter. REUTERS/Babu

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released this report of an incident of concern in India. In northeast India, nearly two million citizens were stripped of their nationality due to their minority faith. While India is constitutionally a secular state, a rising mindset says that to be Indian is to be Hindu, and it’s impacting government-related activity in the country.

Increase in Attacks

An unrelated article from Catholic Herald details a recent attack on a Christian woman because she was walking on a road. The incident took place during a Hindu festival, and extremists argued the woman’s actions defiled the roadway. This attack is just one of many, showing a continued rise of Christian persecution in the country.

Greg Musselman, a spokesperson for Voice of the Martyrs Canada, says unfortunately, these reports are not surprising.

“We’ll never eliminate persecution. It is getting worse. I think a part of that is the internet, the social media, people around the world firing each other up,” Musselman says.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, several house churches are finding it increasingly challenging to meet. Usually, house churches are small enough to fly under the radar. However, VOM Canada is receiving reports that this is changing.

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SOURCE: Mission Neetwork News, Bethann Flynn