Trans World Radio Rallies Believers Around Prayer As Bolivia Unravels

Bolivia joins Venezuela and Ecuador on the list of South American nations plagued by political turmoil. More about the region’s difficulties here.

Trans World Radio’s Steve Shantz says Bolivian protestors began taking to the streets in October. “President Morales tried to go for a fourth term in office,” he explains. “Irregularities in the election process were suspect, so the general populace has risen up and has come out in strong protest against what they think was a rigged election.”

Evo Morales, Bolivia’s former president, resigned on Sunday and fled to Mexico yesterday. “The government is now without a leader,” Shantz says, but that hasn’t solved Bolivia’s problems.

“There’s still a lot of tension in the country because he (Morales) has his supporters, and they are clashing with the opposition.”

What’s going on in Bolivia?

As described here by BBC News, Morales was Bolivia’s first president from an indigenous background. Though formerly widely popular and credited with improving Bolivia’s economy, things began to backfire for Morales when he sought another presidential term.

According to Reuters, lawmakers met yesterday to accept Morales’ resignation and seek an interim president. Bolivian lawyer Jeanine Añez is one individual stepping up to fill the temporary power vacuum.

Amid political uncertainty, TWR’s national partner – Radio Trans Mundial* (RTM) Bolivia – is calling believers to prayer.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth