Vijay Jayaraj on Why Pope Francis’ Belief in ‘Ecological Sin’ is Anti-Biblical and Anti-Scientific

Pope Francis wants “ecological sin” included as a category of sin in the Roman Catholic Church’s official catechism.

“We have to introduce … in the catechism of the Catholic Church, the sin against ecology, the sin against our common home, because it’s a duty,” the Pope said.

Climate change is a favorite issue for Pope Francis. It is almost certain that it will be a major aspect of the catechism on “ecological sin.”

But his understanding of environmental care and climate change is bankrupt theologically and scientifically. Here is why.

Why Is the Pope’s Idea Anti-Biblical?

The Bible calls for man to be a good steward of the environment. That means tending the garden and, simultaneously, using natural resources for the betterment of mankind.

Popular environmentalist opinion opposes this. Many environmentalists view humans as the problem. They call us a cancer, a plague, people pollution, the population bomb. They blame us for resource exhaustion and ecological degradation.

Fears of dangerous manmade climate change make this radical philosophy more popular. It is now a dominant viewpoint in the news and entertainment media and among politicians.

Radical environmentalists want to ban fossil fuels. The Pope supports the viewpoints of these radical environmentalists on climate change and natural resource use.

His decision to join the climate alarmist bandwagon sets him in opposition to the Bible’s emphasis on protecting the poor and enabling them to rise out of poverty.

Fossil fuels are indispensable to eliminating poverty in many poor countries. None of the developed countries could have risen out of poverty without them. To abandon them is to make poor people suffer longer.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Vijay Jayaraj