Large Alabama Church Announces Departure From the Southern Baptist Convention, Alleging Liberalism and Love of Money

Jeff Noblit

As the public conversation about female preachers continues, the pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, has announced that his church will be removing itself from the Southern Baptist Convention. The congregation’s leaders can no longer support what Pastor Jeff Noblit sees as the denomination’s increasing liberalism and idolization of money.

“We’re not going to be legalistic about things that don’t matter, we’re not going to be hard and legalistic about things the Scriptures are not clear on,” said Noblit, who is the senior pastor-teacher at Grace Life Church, “but there are things that matter that are being radically compromised, all to the end of numbers and money and popularity.”

Grace Life Church Is Leaving the SBC

Noblit began his sermon by saying, “I’m going to take a few minutes here this morning to share something with you that is burning in my heart…I’m going to be asking the elders in this church to finally and formally separate all connections to the Southern Baptist Convention.”

Pastor Noblit said that the conversation about leaving the SBC has been ongoing among the Grace Life Church’s leadership for some time. He shed light on part of the source of the tension, saying, “They have formally blackballed us many, many years ago, and chiefly over two or three main things.” Those issues, said Noblit, were Grace Life Church’s decisions to have a plurality of elders, implement church discipline, and hold to Calvinist doctrine. But current events have convinced him it is finally time to leave the denomination.

“In recent days, the straw broke the camel’s back for me and a few logs have been thrown on that camel also,” said Noblit. “One of those is the rise and the embracing and the affirming of Beth Moore’s ministry. Beth Moore is a charismatic, gifted communicator who has drifted toward considering herself a preacher. She does a lot of internet things where she kind of gets in the face of those of us who are conservative in our doctrine.”

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Source: Church Leaders