“God Had a Plan for Me” Virginia Teens Describes the Spiritual Battle Being Waged for His Life While He Was in a Coma After a Car Landed on His Head

Juan Spence (Facebook/Juan Strong)

Juan Spence is the definition of a walking miracle.

On May 22, 2017, the Williamsburg teen was involved in a near-fatal car accident near his Warhill High School.

Spence was a passenger in his friend’s car that rainy spring day.

“My friend is speeding away down the road,” Spence told CBN News in a recent interview at his home.

“Due to all the rainwater, he loses control of the car. He hits a post, the car starts tumbling down the road and me not having my seatbelt was terrible,” he recalled. “I couldn’t believe it. I crashed through the sun roof head first, landed onto the roadway and the car, still tumbling, rests on me and crushes my body and my skull.”

Spence had been ejected from the car, which landed on his head.

He was rushed to MCV Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Doctors said the pressure and swelling in his brain were so bad that a piece of his skull had to be removed.

Meanwhile his mother, Elizabeth Butler, began to pray as soon as she heard about the crash.

“Not knowing anything, I just had to start praying immediately, ‘Lord God, what is going on now, what’s going on with my son?'” Butler said. “I haven’t heard anything; just getting this frightening call, getting all my stuff together and just thinking what is going on, what’s going to be the outcome, and I immediately heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘He shall live and not die.'”

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SOURCE: Charisma News