Dr. Tony Evans Is the First African American to Produce a Study Bible

Tony Evans (McClure Munstinger Public Relations)

Senior Pastor Tony Evans marked a half-century of pastoral ministry at a special event Nov. 8 at his Dallas megachurch, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Although many special guests gathered for Kingdom Legacy Live, presented by The Urban Alternative, Evans may be remembered best in years to come through his study Bible.

Seeking to advance God’s kingdom agenda, Evans partnered with LifeWay Christian Resources to publish The Tony Evans Study Bible and companion product, The Tony Evans Bible Commentary.

Now 70, Evans was the first African-American student to complete the doctoral program at Dallas Theological Seminary, and he is now the first African-American scholar to become sole author of a study Bible. Known to millions through his broadcast, The Alternative With Tony Evans, Evans and his years of diligent study will benefit many believers who use his study Bible.

Eric Mullett, marketing strategist for Bibles and specialty at LifeWay Christian Resources, recently spoke with host Chris Johnson on a special Charisma Connection podcast series about the study Bibles available in the Christian Standard Bible (CSB, csbible.com) translation. One of those is The Tony Evans Study Bible.

“It’s got a huge amount of articles and studies, kingdom agenda articles that show you how to bring that idea to life, to not live by our agenda but to live by the kingdom agenda, God’s agenda in our life, so he really focuses on that,” Mullett said. “And this is, interestingly, the first study Bible done by an African American who has a doctorate.”

Another significant feature of Evans’ study Bible is that it has QR codes that link to more than 150 online videos.

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SOURCE: Charisma News