Christian Woman Raised in Drug-Infested Area of the Philippines Now Brings Hope and Compassion to Her Community

Angelica had her life transformed by Compassion and today, as a teacher, she is helping transform the lives of the next generation in a community that has been completely changed. (Compassion International)

Angelica Echivarre is a program teacher in the Philippines, but the community she taught and grew up in didn’t always look the way it does now.

She was raised in Lorega, a community synonymous with drug abuse and prostitution. But she said she was rescued by God through her local church and a ministry, Compassion International, which aims to lift children out of poverty.

“I was found by Compassion as a hopeless young girl in the middle of a very dysfunctional community,” Echivarre told Fox News. “It was in Compassion where I learned to boost my confidence and practice my faith. Today, I am paying back by paying [it] forward.”

Pastor Davis of Cebu City Alliance Church said the community looks completely different now.

Instead of corners filled with drug dealers, children now feel safe playing in backyards and the street.

“Before, urban taxi driver will not come inside Lorega,” said Davis, whose oldest son benefited from being part of Compassion. “[Shootings] every day, but Lorega now is totally open with the gospel.”

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SOURCE: Fox News, Caleb Parke