Mississippi Teenager Says God Led Her to Missing Elderly Man

Katie Qualls

A Mississippi teenager has credited God for helping her find an elderly man who went missing for several hours. Katie Qualls, 17, was browsing through Facebook a few weeks ago when she stumbled upon a post notifying her local community that an old man with dementia had wandered away from his property.

The compassionate young girl was concerned for the old man’s wellbeing, not least because of the low temperatures outside. “I immediately went to my parents and was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to go to sleep until this person is found,’” Qualls told WLBT. “I was just thinking about if that was my grandfather or somebody. It just didn’t sit right with me.”

Knowing that she could draw upon her personal connection to the man’s grandchildren if she came across him, Katie threw on some warm clothes and headed out into the night. It wasn’t long before the entire community was out looking for the man. But while most of the search party headed off into the nearby wooded area, Qualls felt led to take a different route – heading towards a particular house.

“I walked around and I’m feeling like this is good,” she explained. “I hear something, I turn to my left and he’s laying (sic) on the floor on his side, backed up into the bushes. He blended in with the mulch, so you wouldn’t have seen him unless you actually walked into the bushes.”

The man was confused and kept telling Katie not to hurt him. She reassured him by talking about his son and grandkids.

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Source: Christian Headlines