Here We Go: Pete Buttigieg Says ‘There’s Simply No Way That a Literal Understanding of Scripture Can Fit Into the Bible’

FILE PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg points to his wedding ring from his marriage to his husband Chasten as he talks about civil rights in the United States during the U.S. Democratic presidential candidates debate at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. November 20, 2019. REUTERS/Brendan Mcdermid/File Photo

In a recent interview, Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg voiced his belief that the Bible cannot be interpreted literally.

“Jesus speaks so often in hyperbole and parable, in mysterious code, that in my experience, there’s simply no way that a literal understanding of Scripture can fit into the Bible that I find in my hands,” he told Rolling Stone.

The outspoken presidential hopeful has been no stranger to speaking on the Bible and religion. As a frontrunner, Buttigieg has become a microphone for the growing religious left, taking on controversial topics such as abortion, homosexuality, and immigration.

“The Republican Party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion,” he said during the second primary debate. “But we should call out hypocrisy when we see it. And for a party that associates itself with Christianity to say that it is OK to suggest that God would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents, that God would condone putting children in cages, [that party] has lost all claim to ever use religious language again.”

In the interview, he explained that he did not grow up in a religious home, though he went to Catholic school. He is more comfortable with the Episcopalian faith, which is liturgically conservative and theologically liberal.

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Source: Christian Headlines