Barna Group Finds That Only 30$% of American Adults Have a Positive View of Evangelicals

Some 30 percent of American adults have a “positive” perception of evangelicals, according to a new study from Barna Group.

Evangelicals make up about 6 percent of the U.S., but according to the Christian Post, the Barna group says evangelicals hold a “unique place in national discourse.”

“Based on a nationwide study of U.S. adults, we found that, though many people still view evangelicals as a committed group of believers who put their faith first, their political connotation puts the future of American evangelicalism in a precarious spot,” a summary of the new report, “The Brand of Evangelicals,” reads.

Barna President David Kinnaman says the research also points to a “clear indication of the divided nature of the U.S. population” where “evangelicals are at the epicenter of many of those differences of opinion, worldview, and practice.”

“On the one side, there are evangelicals and those favorable toward evangelicals; the other side includes those who hold unfavorable views of evangelicals,” Kinnaman wrote in the report’s conclusion. “It appears never the two shall meet.”

The study found that 15 percent of the more than 1,000 participants said their opinion of evangelicals is “very positive.” Another 15 percent said their perception of evangelicals is “somewhat positive.”

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Source: Christian Headlines