Hip-Hop Mogul Damon Dash Is Arrested After Getting Behind $400K in Child Support Payments to Ex-wife Rachel Roy and Former Girlfriend Cindy Morales … as he Claims he’s Penniless

Damon Dash was arrested in connection with $404,000 in unpaid child support to ex-wife Rachel Roy and ex-girlfriend Cindy Morales on Wednesday in his native New York City.

Dash, 48, was handcuffed and taken to Bronx Family Court amid a pair of felony warrants, the New York City Sheriff’s Office told Page Six.

Sheriff Joseph Fucito said authorities had been ‘looking to arrest [Dash] since 2015,’ as a warrant was issued in April of that year over $62,000 he owed Morales.

Earlier this year, another warrant was issued over a contempt of court conviction, with the court ordering him to pay an additional $342,000.

Dash was released after he went to a Manhattan court and paid a debt of about $1 million for an outstanding warrant.

He was then taken into custody by seven deputies as he headed to handle his other warrant, he told TMZ Wednesday. He was then reportedly processed and transported to the Bronx Family Court to handle the outstanding remainder of his balance.

Dash told TMZ that the deputies were very understanding and cooperative in the process.

Officials had previously urged the music and fashion executive to turn himself into custody but he left New York, a police insider told Page Six.

Family: Dash is father to daughters Ava, 19, and Tallulah, 11, with ex Rachel Roy, 45. They were snapped in Italy this past summer

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Adam S. Levy