Top Navy SEAL Officer Defies President Trump’s Pardon for Eddie Gallagher and Sends his Case Before Military Board for Review That Could Result in his Expulsion From the Force

Top Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Collin Green (top) is sending Eddie Gallagher’s (bottom) case to a military review board which could result in his expulsion from the SEALs. He’s also sending the case of three other officers who served with Gallagher. ‘This is a review of their suitability to be a SEAL,’ a Navy source says. The action is in defiance of President Donald Trump’s pardon last week where he reversed the demotion of Chief Petty Officer Gallagher, a move that was harshly criticized for ignoring international humanitarian law. Gallagher was acquitted in July 2019 of murder charges but convicted of taking a picture with a corpse and demoted to Petty Officer First Class.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail