Randal Rauser on John Crist Sinned, But Did He Commit Sexual Assault?

A few weeks ago, Charisma Magazine published a powerful expose of comedian John Crist chronicling his long history of exploiting women for his sexual gratification. Near the end of the article, author Taylor Berglund writes, “Though the allegations against Crist are not criminal, we believe they are newsworthy….” Unfortunately, Mr. Berglund provides no explanation for why he finds these allegations to be not criminal. And there is noteworthy evidence in the article to the contrary.

The article highlights the experience of one young woman, “Kate,” who described interviewing Mr. Crist with her boyfriend present. As she left, Crist asked for her phone number. He contacted her soon after and invited her to come over. Thinking the interaction would be platonic and would exemplify a mentoring relationship, she notified her boyfriend and went to meet Crist.

The article then states that Crist “gave her a water bottle full of raspberry vodka …” though, importantly, it is not clear from the article whether Kate was aware of the contents of the bottle at the time. They then went rollerblading together along the boardwalk in Venice (California). After Kate had consumed more than half the bottle, she agreed to go swimming with Crist:

“Once there, she says Crist grabbed her and tried to kiss her, and in her drunken state, she struggled to push him off. He told her in crude terms how much he wanted to have sex with her and continued to pursue her. In response, she tried to explain that she had a boyfriend and only desired a mentoring relationship with Crist, not a sexual one. Eventually, he relented.”

In this exchange, we read that Crist forcibly grabbed Kate with sexual intent at which point, “she struggled to push him off.” Despite the fact that Kate had made clear that she did not consent, he nonetheless “continued to pursue her.”

Following this exchange, the two returned to Crist’s apartment so that Kate could retrieve her personal things: “Once there, Crist again grabbed her, crudely propositioned her for sex and begged her to stay.” In other words, for the third time Crist put his hands on Kate with sexual intent despite the fact that she had strongly expressed her nonconsent to his sexual advances.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Randal Rauser