Missionaries in Central Asia Learn Through Delayed Harvests

IMB photo

More than a decade ago, Liam Remington*, an IMB worker new to the mission field, found himself in a riverside town in the mountains. That same day, a young nomad named L.T.* came to the same town. Remington, a trained linguist, was hoping to conduct language surveys in the area. L.T. happened to be from the people group Remington was hoping to meet.

Remington and L.T. happened to meet on a street corner. It was a divine encounter. Remington was a willing witness and L.T. was a seeking soul. Remington didn’t immediately share the gospel and L.T. didn’t immediately believe, but an authentic friendship started that day.

Over the years, Remington consistently traveled to L.T.’s town to visit. He would often bring his wife and three kids, and many times they would stay with L.T. and his family in their home. Remington plunged ahead with his language projects, which included translating Bible stories and Bible translation. L.T. was always his favorite language speaker who gave feedback on the translations.

Remington and L.T. shared meals together, climbed mountains together, herded yak together, went on hospital visits together, chopped fodder together, and looked for mushrooms together. That initial divine encounter turned into a tight friendship.

Throughout their relationship, Remington was not only faithful to share the Gospel, but he was also faithful to fast and pray for L.T. However, even though L.T. was seeking to know more about the Gospel, he never seemed able or willing to fully put his faith in Jesus.

One year during a local holiday, Remington and his family spent nine days celebrating the holiday with L.T. and his family. While aspects of their nine days together were encouraging, 10-plus years of weariness set in, and Remington began to lose hope that L.T. would ever believe.

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Source: Baptist Press