Here We Go: Cross-dressing ‘Psycho’ Killer who Beat his Cheating Girlfriend to Death with Exercise Bar in Shower After she Told him to Stop Wearing Women’s Underwear During Sex Is Found Guilty of Murder

Roderick Deakin-White (pictured, inset) handed himself into police and told officers ‘I’m a ****ing murderer’ after leaving Amy Parsons (pictured, with Deakin-White) in a pool of blood at their flat in Whitechapel, East London. Just like the character in the classic Hitchcock film Psycho, Deakin-White, 38, murdered his victim in the shower. Like the film’s protagonist, Norman Bates, he also loved to dress in women’s clothes and even had a Facebook page featuring him as an alter-ego called ‘Jane.’ Ms. Parsons complained that she was left unsatisfied due to the distraction of his fetish and started to see a work colleague.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail UK