How a Holocaust Survivor Found New Hope in Jesus Christ through Uncharted Ministries

“If I give my life to Jesus, can I still be Jewish?”

The question came from Sarah Rabinovitch, a Holocaust survivor living in Israel. She lived through the Nazi reign, a harrowing ship journey to Israel, and extreme poverty.

Growing up, Sarah’s main exposure to Christians came through Germans and Russians who claimed the Name of Jesus while murdering her people. She was suspicious of Christians and especially of Messianic Jews who followed Christ.

But when Sarah went to a Holocaust Survivor banquet hosted by Uncharted Ministries, her heart stirred when she heard Jesus’s words read from the New Testament.

JoAnn with Uncharted Ministries lovingly replied to Sarah’s question:

“Of course you will still be Jewish! Following Jesus is the most Jewish thing you can do! It doesn’t change your ethnicity, but it does trade in religion for a relationship with the Living God.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh