Danny Gokey Continues Concert Despite Suffering Second and Third Degree Burns After Accident on Hope Encounter Tour

Danny Gokey post a photo of his legs which were burned while on tour, Nov 12, 2019 | Instagram Story/DannyGokey

Award-winning Christian singer Danny Gokey suffered second and third degree burns to his feet last weekend ahead of a performance for his Hope Encounter Tour.

⁠The “American Idol” alum was injured when a wardrobe steamer hot water reservoir tipped over and scalded his feet.

“Well, this weekend was one for the books and last night’s show was definitely a new one for me! (Did a little dance with my clothes steamer that didn’t end well for me.),” he wrote on Facebook Monday.

Despite his pain, Gokey continued his concert in Richmond, Virginia, by performing his set while sitting on a chair.

At the top of the week, Gokey’s wife, Leyicet, shared a photo on Instagram of her husband’s burns and gave fans an update on his recovery.

“He keeps going in and out of sleep from the pain. Thank you all for your prayer! We are grateful for them and we are seeing him a little better with every day,” she captioned the picture.

Concert promoter Mike Alley posted a message on Instagram praising the singer for caring more about the fans than his injuries.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Charity Gibson