50 People Accept Jesus Christ as Their Savior in Theater After Watching Kendrick Brothers’ “Overcomer”

The faith-based film Overcomer stayed in the Top 5 for three weekends and grossed $34.6 million, but its director says the lives it helped change is more worthy of celebration. 

The Kendrick Brothers film opened in theaters in August and will release to home video in the coming weeks – on digital platforms Nov. 26 and on Blu-ray and DVD Dec. 17.

Director Alex Kendrick told Christian Headlines that 50 people accepted Christ after watching it at one theater.

“A college coach took a college team to see the movie,” Kendrick told Christian Headlines. “After the movie was over, he stood up and he said: If you’ve watched this film and you are not sure where your identity is based – if you want to nail that down with the God that loves you – you’re welcome to come down here and pray with us. And over 50 people responded, and that was just one showing.”

But that is just “one of many, many stories” of lives changed by the film, Kendrick said.

“We’ve had more reports than I can count of church groups inviting people and giving invitations at the end of the film, and individuals making decisions for Christ in the theater,” he said.

Another story involved a special needs teenager.

“There was a couple that took their special needs teenage son to the movie,” Kendrick said. “And he had limited communication, and he was able to talk a little bit, but they never knew how much he truly understood about salvation. After they watched the movie and were leaving and going back to their car, the son began to communicate to the parents: I want my identity to be in Christ. I want to be a follower of Christ.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines, Michael Foust