Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck on How to Find Roles in Ministry That Fit Your Personality and Interests

If you’re a Christian, then you are called to use your gifts at church in a volunteer role or perhaps professionally at a Christian ministry.  Choosing the roles that best fit your personality and interests can lead to serving God and the church more effectively.  Your job satisfaction will also increase as you serve people out of your strengths. 

John Holland created a theory that can help you to have more job and ministry success and satisfaction.  Holland identified six personality themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.  He observed that any given person has two or three of these themes that are of much higher interest.  He also observed that any given job or ministry opportunity fits two or three of these personality themes.  The Holland theory is the most widely researched and used theory for vocational fit.

Understanding the Holland theory and an accurate Holland assessment like the, will help you identify ministry jobs and volunteer opportunities that fit who you are, are satisfying and put you on track for being a wise steward of your personality, skills and interests.

Here are the six personality and interest themes:


Realistic personalities like to work with their hands.  They can enjoy working with plants or animals; activities involving the precise, ordered use of objects, tools and machines; and/or activities involving some element of physical risk.  Outdoor work is often desirable.

Sample career areas: landscaping, gardening, horticulture, botany, farming, forestry, zoology, veterinary medicine, animal training.  Skilled trades such as electronics, carpentry, equipment operation, and construction.  Law enforcement, security, emergency response, sports

Sample activities: helping with church’s landscaping; camp settings that include activities in nature or with animals; activities that include farming, ranching, or animal husbandry; training animals for service activities; working with plants (including food- producing plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, etc.) or animals (breeding, tending, training, etc.); maintaining and repairing buildings and machines of church or nonprofit organization; new construction or remodeling; driving a van or bus; teaching hands- on skills to others in a ministry/service context; running audiovisual equipment at church; directing traffic and crowd control at large events; sports and outdoor activities at a camp; providing emergency medical care in disaster settings; using tool and machinery; building things

Problem Solving: They like to solve problems that have practical solutions, are concrete and not abstract.

Ministry Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:  Custodian, Janitor, Facilities Manager, Property Manager, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Housekeeping Director, Housekeeping Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Multi Media Setup and Operations Technician, Landscaper, Free Car Repair Ministry, Bus Driver, Work Day Facilitator

Working Environment:  They like working environments that are product-driven, organized, stable, outdoors and with well-defined lines of authority.

Keyword:  Doer

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Investigative personalities like to analyze, discover and understand information and the world around them.  They like activities that involve the exploration and examination of physical, biological and cultural things to understand and control them; this often includes scientific and mathematical activities.  They are curious which can lead them to being original and creative in their thinking.  They tend to be task oriented.

Sample career areas:  science, engineering, inspection, research, technical, and computer-related.

Sample volunteer activities:  writing computer programs; setting up or maintaining Websites of church or nonprofit organization; tutoring youth in science, math, computers; helping others understand relationship between science and Christianity; solving abstract problems; and conducting research.

Problem Solving:  They like to solve problems by analyzing, inquiring and researching.

Working Environment:  They like working environments that are project-oriented, scholarly, scientific, research oriented, and unstructured.

Ministry Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:  Information Technician, Technical Specialist, Media Engineer, Healthcare Educator, Webmaster, Database Administrator, Strategic Planner, Data Analyst

Keyword:  Thinker

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck