In Aftermath of Horrific Cartel Ambush, Pray for Mexicans to Put Their Trust in Jesus Christ

(Photo courtesy Keys For Kids)

Horror still surrounds the grisly ambush slayings even as relatives lay their loved ones to rest in La Mora, Sonora, Mexico.

Cartel gunmen slaughtered the three women and six children, all dual Mexican and American citizens, as they were traveling from Bavispe in the state of Sonora, Mexico—about 70 miles south of Douglas, Ariz.— to Janos, Chihuahua on Monday.

A combination of shock, outrage, and fear hangs like a miasma over the border region, even as authorities on both sides of the border struggle to explain mistaken identity, gang violence, and unrestrained lawlessness.

Answers to difficult questions

Keys For Kids’ Executive Director Greg Yoder says there is no easy answer in situations like these. “We keep hearing, ‘why is this happening? Why is this going on in Mexico? Why won’t the government take care of all these issues?’ The issue that we’re seeing is human nature. It’s called ‘sin,’ and apart from Christ, these kinds of things happen.”

Is it that simple? The answer to ‘sin nature’ seems pat at a time when a tragedy leaves two nations reeling. Yet, Yoder says, ‘sin nature’ is the very definition of what occurred this week in Mexico. “These are innocent people that are being gunned down because of sin– selfishness. People that want money, (they) want to control, (they) want power, and the only thing that’s going to change their hearts is a heart change. And of course, we’re talking about faith in Christ alone, that the changes that.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, R.B. Klama