Former Abortionist Shares the Moment She Realized ‘I’ve Killed More People Than Ted Bundy’ and Chose to Become Pro-Life

A former abortionist who performed as many as 1,000 abortions said she came to the shocking revelation one day that she had killed more people than serial killer Ted Bundy, but her actions were legal.

In an episode of “The Van Maren Show” on the Life Site News website posted last week, host Jonathon Van Maren interviewed former abortion provider Dr. Kathi Aultman.

Aultman talked about having little objection to most abortion procedures while in her residency program, noting that she “didn’t see the fetus as any different from the chicken embryos that I dissected in college.”

She began to have some doubts about the practice of abortion when she worked at a neo-natal intensive care unit, noting that she was “trying to save babies in the NICU that were the same age as babies that I was aborting.”

It was only after she became pregnant and had a child that she started to have serious objections and, soon after, decided that she could no longer perform abortions.

Aultman said she didn’t become active in the pro-life movement until later on, when an acquaintance showed her an opinion article comparing abortion to the Holocaust. She said her father was a veteran of World War II who had helped liberate a concentration camp, adding that she “grew up with those stories.”

“When I became a doctor, I couldn’t understand how the German doctors could do what they did until I read that article,” she explained. “They could do it just like I could kill babies, because we didn’t consider them human.”

She then explained to Van Maren that this “was the first time that I saw myself as a mass murderer,” noting that the Ted Bundy case was in the news during this personal epiphany.

“I thought, ‘oh my gosh, I’ve killed a lot more people than Ted Bundy, but it wasn’t illegal,’” Aultman said. “And that was when I became pro-life.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski