Catholic Bishops in Chile Denounce Violent Attacks on Churches Amid Ongoing Anti-Government Protests

People loot a Church in Santiago, Chile (ANSA)

Catholic bishops in Chile have denounced the violent attack on a church in the nation’s capital and the targeting of churches throughout the country amid ongoing protests in which 20 people have been killed. 

During a large protest in Santiago against the Chilean government, a crowd of people attacked La Asuncion Church, taking and then destroying pews, statues, and other sacred items.

Catholic Bishops Conference of Chile released a statement expressing solidarity with La Asuncion and any other houses of worship attacked amid the national protests.

“[The] attack on temples and places of prayer, without any respect for God or for those who believe in Him, causes us pain,” said the bishops, as reported by Vatican News on Monday.

For nearly a month, large scale protests and strikes have been occurring in Chile, sparked by students protesting a now-suspended metro fare increase in Santiago in October.

Other issues regarding income inequality and economic woes have led to demonstrations throughout the nation against the administration of President Sebastián Piñera.

The Chilean bishops said the violent incidents are hindering people “from giving the right amount of attention to the claims of the majority of the Chilean people, who yearn for real and peaceful solutions.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski