WATCH: Wealthy Texas Millennial Spends His Money Trying to Live to at Least 120 Years Old

Ari Rastegar (CBS 11)

Hundreds of pills, expensive machines and constant blood testing.

They are among the keys to immortality according to the ultra-wealthy who are becoming devout followers of what’s known as biohacking.

A rich Dallas and Austin developer is offering CBS 11 News a rare glimpse into the lifestyle.

Ari Rastegar goes to bed in special clothing on a temperature-regulated bed.

“It has this metallic mechanism inside of it that helps flush lactic acid and eliminate inflammation,” says Rastegar.

He also wears a mask.

“Orange glasses that illuminate the the light so I don’t disrupt the circadian rhythms,” he says.

That’s just Rastegar’s nightly routine.

During the day, he takes nearly 150 vitamins customized to his current needs by his doctor.

Rastegar also gets his blood tested monthly.

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